Meet the new boss

The North Stars Kick-off Breakfast was held this morning at the Civic Center. It was a great event with an even better turnout and I was happy to be the MC. Slowly as the days go by I meet more and more people from town and without exception they have all been warm, friendly and welcoming. It’s been an amazing experience so far.


With the season opener tomorrow at the Civic Center, and of course the Northland Rentals Game Day on CJNB/CJNS, fans had a chance to meet the new coach Kevin Hasselberg as well as new and returning players. Plus there was great food. Big thanks has to go out to North West Hockey Development, Maple Lead and Battlefords Co-op for the great breakfast. And a big congratulations has to go out to Travis Sparrow. Travis was announced as the captain of this year’s team and he said all the right things when I talked to him afterwards. He is honoured to be the captain of this team and looking forward to representing this community.


So here is this year’s roster as things stand.


1 – Graham Hildebrand
35 – Jared Knott
39 – Connor Creech


2 – Travis Sparriw
4 – Dillon Forbes
6 – Woody Klassen (Woody has signed a pro deal and if he sticks in the ECHL won’t be around this season)
7 – Zack MacLellan
15 – Nik Rogers
16 – Tyson Arnholtz
23 – Grayden Turner
29 – Beau Ferbey


3 – Tanner Quinn
8 – Blake Tatchell
9 – Boyd Wakelin
11 – Sam Prpich
12 – Tanner Schwab
14 – Tim Rollins
17 – Robbie Newton
19 – Ryne Keller
21 – Braeden Johnson
22 – Kyle Hall
24 – Connor Allison
25 – Brett Miller
27 – Jared Samborski
Jesse Gerbig (Jesse at last check didn’t have a number yet)


I am not sure how the lines will all break down but there is a chance Kyle Hall, last year’s rookie of the year, will skate on a line with Blake Tatchell. You would also assume that guys like Rollins, Miller, Schwab and Johnson will be top 6 type guys who will be expected to help this team score the puck.


Graham Hildebrand will get the start in net and he couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity. First home opener he has started in 4 years with the North Stars. He also said he spent the summer working out and preparing to be a the number 1 for this team. He will have competition though as both Creech and Knott showed well in preseason.


As for the Kindersley Klippers? They will have Wheaton King back this season but he won’t be available Friday. For more on their roster follow the link…..

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