Some completely random thoughts on the Stars season so far

So I am juts sitting at work in the CJNB newsroom and decided I should throw together a quick blog post about some of the things I have been thinking so far this season. This will give you a little window into my mind. It’s pretty scary in there though so don’t look for too long.

– Boyd Wakelin scores big goals. You gotta love that. Works hard pretty much every shift and gets the rewards. His team has 2 wins and he has 2 game winning goals. Is it too early to start the MVP talk? Ok fine it is too early. But keep playing like this and I will have to stop calling him an unsung hero. Especially if I keep being the one who un-unsungs him.

– Blake Tatchell gets a lot of attention. Teams have been all over Tatchell so far this season. Slashes, hooks, spears, hits from behind. Points wise he is off to a bit of a slow start. But he is battling through some tough checking. Other guys have to step up in the mean time. You have to assume Tatchell will get going soon than later.

– Dallas Jorgensen has been a nice addition. He seems older than he really is. Plays with a lot of poise and seems to make the game go at the speed he wants it to go. He’s either a good D man or actually 35 years old.

– The Civic Center is a cool old rink. I love it in there. But why doesn’t my cell phone work? SaskTel needs to get on that. I need to tweet things about the game. Like last night I really wanted to tweet my great Jorgensen seems older brain wave. Plus I have a feeling @B_Johnny92 tweets from the bench and I need to know what he is saying.

– Kyle Hall is really fast. And he seems to be snake bitten. Not literally though. He has had a lot of good chances to score and hasn’t found the back of the net yet. Yet is the key word. He’s going to score one soon and the flood gates will open. Again not literally.

– If I had a penny for every time someone mentioned to me how great Dan O’Connor is/was and a dime for every time someone tells me that Coach Hasselberg looks young enough to be a player I would buy the Stars a new arena. Actually no I wouldn’t I love that old barn. I would buy SaskTel and make them make my cell phone work. I’m glad to have people coming up wanting to talk to me. Everyone is so friendly around here and I look forward to talking with as many of you as possible.

– I just burnt my tongue and it hurts.

– The Stars are 2-1. That is pretty good considering there’s a new coach this season and the roster is a little bit in flux with injuries and the like. I have a feeling the Stars will start to play even better as the season moves on. Hopefully that actually happens in real life.

– Matty Ryan is one funny guy. If you heard him last night you would have enjoyed his jokes mainly at the expense of whoever was in the penalty box for the Mustangs. And there was some in that box pretty much the entire game. My favourite parts were when Matty would do a little Green Men inspired dance when a penalized player was making their way to the box. I also still maintain that SpiderMan would have an unfair advantage if he was a goalie and rules would have to be put in place to stop him from using his web shooting and/or Spidey Senses abilities.

– La Ronge is not playing well so far this season. I bet they have a better effort on Saturday night. There will be a hot stove after the game. so hopefully you will come join us.

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  1. Dave

     /  September 22, 2011

    Tough following a good guy just have to work at being your best

  2. Pat Feeney

     /  September 22, 2011

    I’m enjoying your blog!

  3. Fan

     /  September 22, 2011

    Your right Jorgenson has been a great addition to the team… Hats off to Hasselberg for getting him. I dont see anything on the transactions page about us acquiring him. The last I saw on the SJHL website was that Nipawin traded him to Estevan over the summer… I Really like this pickup. I also like the goalies in camp..


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