Klippers host North Stars for round number 3

The Kindersley Klippers versus the Battlefords North Stars. Where have we heard that before? For those who maybe don’t know we heard it on opening weekend. The Klippers were the Stars opponent for their home opener. The Stars were the Klippers opponent for theirs. So this is already a familiar match up for these two teams.

Let’s start with Kindersley. The Klippers are a team with more than enough offense. Kissick, King, McGrath, Duzan the list goes on and on. Talented offensive players who can put the puck in the net. In fact, despite the Klippers sitting at 2-2 on the season they have scored 16 goals. The Stars who are 3-1 have scored just 12. The Klippers also have an excellent goalie in Justin McDonald who has a goals against average after 3 games that sits at just 2.00. So don’t let the Klippers record fool you when you look at this team. Oh yeah, Rockie Zinger is a darn good coach as well.

The Stars and Klippers split the opening games of the season with each road team picking up the win. The Stars were blown out 5-1 on home ice before rebounding and coming back from being down 3-1 in Kindersley eventually picking up the 4-3 victory. You may remember Boyd Wakelin’s game winning goal with 6.6 seconds remaining.

The Stars will be lead offensively by the usual suspects. Braeden Johnson is off to a strong start with 5 points in 4 games. Tatchell right on his heals for the team lead in points. That line has to be good. The so called bottom six has been good as well. Guys like Prpich, Newton, Gerbig, Kambietz and of course Wakelin have all stepped up at times to help this team win games. The guys who need to get going? The second line. Tim Rollins, Kyle Hall, Tanner Schwab, if healthy, could form one of the top offensive lines in the league if they get going. They’ve shown flashes but need to have a more consistent game tonight.

So how has a team that has gotten very little offense from it’s second line sitting at 3-1? Well for starters, pun intended, goaltending has been excellent for the Stars, home opener aside. Hildebrand bounced back with a shutout against La Ronge after a poor showing on opening night. Connor Creech and Jared Knott were both solid in their starts. The D has been solid with Forbes stepping up nicely to play with Sparrow. Guys like Nik Rogers and Dallas Jorgensen have played well. And now Brody Luhning is back and along with Zack MacLellan gives the Stars a nice mix of stay at home guys and guys who will jump into the rush. Grayden Turner if he is in the lineup gives the Stars some toughness and a steady presence in their own zone.

If you take out the home opener, and I bet a lot of Stars would like to forget it, Battlefords have scored 11 and allowed 7. A nice mix of timely scoring and solid play in their own zone getting the job done. It’s a nice start but it doesn’t mean much. There are plenty of games left. And the Stars haven’t played their best game yet. Not even close. Maybe we will see it tonight as they face those familiar Kindersley Klippers.

The Klippers will be unhappy with the way they let a lead slip on home ice last time they played the Stars. That coupled with how well these teams know each other should make for a hell of a game.

Join me on CJNB/CJNS or online at cjnb.com for the call. Pre-game show stars at 7.

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  1. Candace Allison

     /  September 27, 2011

    In reference to your broadcast tonite..Connor Allison was released from the team due to an injury, not because he was a JUNIOR B player. The coach did not want to give him any more time to recover., so he was cut before he could even get much of a chance. He played last year with the Ocean Side Generals and was an AP player with the Nanimo Clippers (BCHL). Curt Toneff , who is now newly playing D for the North Stars also played on the Generals team last year.. JUNIOR B!!! Soo….since Connor is now an even poorer Junior B player, and no longer there, are you good for that $10 he gave you for that not worth it movie????

    • Candace I think either you may have misunderstood me or perhaps more likely I didn’t make myself clear enough. I never intended to imply that Connor was “only” a junior b player. Simply that he was headed back to play in a junior b league for the time being. I apologize if I upset or offended you in anyway. From what I saw Connor is a great kid, I enjoyed chatting with him the few times I had the chance, and a very good hockey player. I hope he gets more of a chance with Nanaimo, or another BCHL team, this season. If you would like I will make a note during the next broadcast to correct any misunderstanding. Let me know and thanks for listening.

      • Candace Allison

         /  September 28, 2011

        Your comment did sound to me, as if Connor was going back to Junior B “where he belongs”., although probably unintended,… but it seems all the trades, releases, cuts are thought of as not a big deal, just the usual.,which I suppose it is, but there is a person there, though. Thank you for your complimentary words. However , it seems coaches only look at you once in this lifetime, and now he is facing the “age” problem–he is a ’92 (late) unfortunately only 5 days from being a ’93. Your offer to clarify this on your next broadcast is very considerate.

  2. I know Coach Hasselberg doesn’t see it as not a big deal and I will do my best to make sure I don’t make it sound like that on my broadcasts in the future. Coach Hasselberg and I spoke about Connor on the bus on the way to Kindersley and he said he thought Connor could be a top player in the VIJHL and that his development and his chances of getting a scholarship to an American school would perhaps be better as a go to guy in that league rather than as somewhat more of a role player for the Stars. I hope he is right. Given the chance maybe Connor could have been a go to guy for the Stars. Sadly we may never know.

    I hope you tune in on Saturday and I will make a note to make that correction.

    • Candace Allison

       /  September 29, 2011

      yes, well,……interesting comments on the coach’s part, I guess…….I never had the idea for him to play in college, anyway., and I do not believe at all that there would be scholarship opportunity in VIJHL. I had hoped he could reach his goal of Jr A.and play out the rest of his time at that level. I don’t know how much longer it will be feasible for him to play Jr B, or basically, playing hockey for fun…..so the forseeable future is quite unclear. Thank you for your conversations…I don’t want to keep going on about this…and after 12 years and the recent developments, I have personally had enough of hockey now. I will tune in to your show one more time. Best of luck to you and your broadcasting career.


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