A La Ronge loss and Humboldt to come

So my dad sent me a text today asking while I hadn’t done a blog today. He is my dad so he gets his way. Time for a new blog post.

Tonight’s post is not going to feature any musical inspiration. I am watching the Canucks game right now. Not surprisingly I guess since all I seem to do is watch hockey.

So my first chance to check out the rink in La Ronge came last night. Coach Hasselberg experienced it for the first time too. It’s an interesting rink. Very unique. The broadcast location is very close to the ice and I had a decent view. But it’s uncomfortable and cold and wet. I was a little rattled to be honest and I think it affected my call of the game. That won’t happen again I promise. Now that I know what to expect I can prepare myself better.

As for the Stars? I think they were working pretty hard at times but the integration of the style they want to play is still a work in progress. It’s a different style than the team played in the past and that’s always going to take some time to get used to. Puck management and puck support are two things to keep on an eye on when the Stars are playing. When they are on their game they will be noticeably effective on the fore check and at times swarming the puck.

La Ronge picked up a 4-2 victory thanks in part to strong defensive play and timely goal scoring. It’s hard to tell just how good that team is as they got off to a slow start but have now won 3 in a row. All on home ice though and that’s a touch rink in which to play for road teams. So we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

So next up is the Humboldt Broncos. The team that will host the RBC Cup this season. They got off to a somewhat slow start just like La Ronge but they have got cranked up lately. A big 7-2 win over Kindersley on Wednesday showing that they have started to find their stride. They have a whole bunch of players on their roster. But names to watch out for are Matthew Brackhouse, Taylor Johnson, Andrew Johnston and Robbie Ciolfi. Those are just a few of the very good players that the Broncos have to offer. And you know that as the season progresses their team will change a little. They will be going for it this season and trades are always a possibility. Some people think they could use some goaltending. And they could get some with Deven Dubyk possibly headed to Humboldt.

The Stars have been good on the their travels for the most part this season. They’ve had a day here since the loss in La Ronge to digest and to make some adjustments. I expect a stronger game Friday night. Braeden Johnson should return to the lineup. He provided colour during the La Ronge game the other night. I thought he did pretty well despite being a little nervous at first. He made some very good points and some interesting observations. Could have a future there if he gets used to it and gets a little mor comfortable as a broadcaster. Hopefully that doesn’t happen any time soon though as the Stars will like having him out on the ice more.

Brett Miller has been very good of late as well and that line can be one of the top lines in the league. They need to step up Friday night in Humboldt. Find out if they do step up by joining me for the call at 7:15 with the pregame show on CJNB/CJNS.

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  1. Dave

     /  October 6, 2011

    Glad you finally listened


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