A Rare Saturday Night Off

I want to thank the SJHL schedule maker for tonight. A night off on a Saturday is pretty rare and I have taken full advantage. Watched hockey games earlier between the Rangers and Ducks and the Kings and Sabres. Now I get to watch the ball game as the Rangers take on the Tigers. And later I will hopefully get to watch the Calgary Flames lose.

As for the North Stars I am sure they are going to enjoy this day off and night off as the schedule in October is pretty intense. This is maybe the only night the Stars will get to unwind and relax and have some fun this month. After a nice win on the road in Humboldt the Stars deserve a night to enjoy themselves. They put in a pretty good effort last night in a building that is not easy to get a win. They also showed character as they could have dropper their heads after that big short handed goal but they didn’t. You have to like that about this team. It is a character that has seen them score many big goals late in games. Obviously a little bit of luck is involved whenever a team scores a late goal like the one the Stars scored in Nipawin. And there was some fortune involved last night as well.

But lets be honest. You have to earn that luck and you have to be in the right places at the right times to exploit when luck shines on you. The Stars scored a game winner with about 6 seconds in Kindersley, tied the game in Nipawin with 3 seconds left and won last night in Humboldt with 5 seconds remaining. When it keeps happening I think it shows you a lot about a team. Now it’s early in the season and things can change but so far the Stars are a team that fights right until the end of the game and more often than not this is a team doesn’t give up when they face a little adversity.

Lets not discount the effect of the coaching staff on that character as well. It is something the Stars coaching staff is aware of and something they spend time making sure their team possesses. Coach Hasselberg and Coach Atcheynum spend time thinking about it and observing it and looking for it. Not that long ago I overheard them talking about a situation where they weren’t happy with how their team handled falling behind. They didn’t like the way the group was handling adversity in that situation. I think one of the coaches even said something along the lines of “we need to nip this in the bud now” So it isn’t just systems and ‘X”s and ‘O’s that the coaching staff are trying to instil in this group.

Boyd Wakelin has been one of the guys scoring big goals. That’s no surprise. He works hard all the time and puts himself in good spots to capitalize on any and all fortune that might come his way. When a team or a player get a bounce that goes their way it is more often than not earned by hard work and hockey smarts. Wakelin has those in spades. But he isn’t the only one. Brett Miller scored a big tying goal last night and Tanner Schwab made no mistake when he had a chance. He was also in a decent spot to capitalize on a mistake by the Broncos defense.

Sorry I lost my train of thought there for a second. What the heck is happening in this Toronto Ottawa game? Some one make a save already.

Breaden Johnson scored a goal late in the third of a 1-0 game against La Ronge earlier in the season. That’s a big goal as well. It’s not just tying goals and late game winners but a goal to seal a victory when the Ice Wolves were charging hard looking to tie it themselves. The Stars have also scored a few goals late in the first and second periods as well. For the most part they play right to the horn.

I will back in the booth in the cage on Tuesday night as the Stars head back to Nipawin for another crack at the SJHL’s top team. Play like they did for the majority of that Broncos game and they will be in good shape.

Also I joined Jason Know to talk Bauer on his talk show. Check it out here. You should also make sure to tune in to CJNB/CJNS or online at cjnb.com Monday night for the Co-op Leisure Time Sports Fix. I will be talking Sherwood with Josh Lewis. NHL with Puck Daddy Contributor and all around great guy Harrison Mooney and I should have Tanner Glass talking Jets return as well. It’s going to be a beauty. Monday night at 8.

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  1. Starsfan

     /  October 9, 2011

    With Recknagle leaving the team, will there be another player coming in? I really like the make up of this team…

    • I imagine a roster spot could be filled. But I think they are happy with what they have right now. I think they are also still in the process of learning exactly what they have right now.


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