Stars set to host Notre Dame Hounds

I know I said I would have more on this game today. If you read my blog post yesterday you would have been expecting this post for a while now. I apologize for not having gotten this up sooner. But I think you’ll be proud of me because I cleaned my whole house. It was intense but ultimately I think it was worth it. Now I can sit at home tomorrow and just watch football all day and not have to worry about house work.

The Hounds come into tonight’s game on the back of a 6-2 loss down the road in Kindersley. Notre Dame is known as a more defensive team that limits the opposition’s scoring chances and gets really good goaltending. That didn’t happen last night. So you can expect them to re-double their efforts and come out with a game tonight that is more along the lines of their style of hockey. The Stars will have to make sure they bring their work boots tonight and make sure that they capitalize when they get chances. The power play could also be a key.

I was just downstairs at the rink watching some of the Stars going through their pregame rituals. The group that was kicking the soccer ball around was very loose and in good spirits. That’s something that Brody Luhning brings to this team that I think is important. He isn’t the only one of course but he is a very energetic young man who is usually in great spirits and creates a lot of laughter amongst the boys. You always need some guys like that in your locker room.

Matty Ryan and I will have the call for you tonight starting with the pregame show at 7:15 live on CJNB/CJNS and online at so I don’t think I am going to write too much more of a preview. Our pregame chat will tell you everything you need to know and more.


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