Blake Tatchell named SJHL Player of the Week

Following in the footsteps of Travis Sparrow and Graham Hildebrand another North Star has been given a weekly award by the SJHL. This time it is forward Blake Tatchell who has been named the SJHL’s player of the week. Tatchell had an assist in the 1-0 win over La Ronge, a hat trick and an assist in a 6-4 win over Humboldt and another hat trick against Flin Flon on Sunday. Tatchell is now second in the league with 17 goals and 4th overall with 30 points. That means Blake has now been in on 45% of the goals the North Stars have scored so far this season. The 20 year old is in his final season as a North Star and is playing very well. I would be surprised if this is the only time this season that Tatchell picks up player of the week honours. Tatchell and his linemates right now, Tim Rollins and Braeden Johnson, have combined for 33 goals so far this season which is just slightly less than 50% of the Stars 67 goals in total so far. This is a line that sees the other team’s top defenders on a regular basis and still manage to put up gaudy numbers. With a top line playing well the Stars are going to get enough offense from a talented second line and from other players chipping in to win a lot of hockey games this season.

I have been thinking lately that I may award a player each game with the Hard Worker of the game Award. There are lots of awards for guys who are putting up lots of points or goalies who stop lots of shots. But there should be an award for guys who block lots of shots and throw lots of hits. What do you think? If you would like me to award a hard working player of the game award after every broadcast let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Dave

     /  November 2, 2011

    Nice idea. Sometimes the hard worker gets overlooked when a team has lots of good players.

  2. chuck

     /  November 2, 2011

    I like the idea. A strong team will require many different roles. If the whole team doesnt buy in to, and fulfill thier roles, success may not be realized. Quite often role players do not get the recognition due to them.

  3. GREAT IDEA – — too many players are actually the turning point of the game as they outskate, outcheck, out play the opposing team , but if they don’t happen to have their stick in the right place to score or make the pass that leads to a goal they are forgotten in the anals of history. The foot soldiers that slog away every game giving the team 110 % without taking penalties or scoring winning goals are for sure the backbone of the team. Without them the goal scorer is without the puck and the penalty taker has no one to keep the team in the game while they languish their time in the sin bin. By all means point the finger and name the player that carries the team game by game and shift by shift – the true heroes of the game in my book.!!!!!! Go Stars GO!!!!!!!!


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