Woody Klassen returns to the North Stars

First things first let me just say I am sorry to hear that Woody is coming back to the North Stars for Woody’s sake. He wanted to make it work in pro-hockey and I know he gave it 100% while he was in Greenville. This move could also going to impact someone currently on the Stars roster. So it is good news tempered in a couple of ways.

But there is no two ways about it. Woody Klassen is a phenominal SJHL D man who is going to make this Stars team, one that has won 9 games in a row, even better. So if you are a Stars fan I am sure you are excited to hear that Woody is returning. I haven’t had much interaction with him since I got to Saskatchewan but in my few dealings with Woody I have found him to be a very mature, down to Earth young man with his head firmly on his shoulders. He is going to provide the Stars with leadership as well as what he brings on the ice.

So what does he bring on the ice? Well you might know better than I do. But everything I have heard tells me that he is a point a game D man from the back end that hits like a truck. He immediately slots in as arguably the Stars top D man and suddenly with the addition of Roger Tagoona the Stars now have incredible depth up front and on the back end. I am looking forward to seeing Woody play as people rave about his ability. In fact Matty Ryan who does colour commentary for me on occasion just sent me a text that said, “I love Woody”.

The other Stars news that I wanted to tell you about is the fact the Stars are ranked 6th in Canada in the most recent CJHL Top 20 Rankings. They moved up from 12th last week. It’s a good time to be a Stars fan that’s for sure. You can bet during tomorrow’s broadcast I will have more on Woody’s return and Tagoona’s acquisition. So you should probably tune in even if you are going to the game. Bring a radio with a nice high powered receiver and join me.

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  1. Matt Ryan

     /  November 7, 2011

    There are so many good things Woody brings to the ice and locker room. He’s a leader. For a smaller guy, he hits harder than you could ever think, and has a cannon of a shot.
    The special teams just got a lot better. With Woody and Brody on the point on the pp is lethal. I am sure it will take a few games for him to get his chemistry going with alot of the newer players. But this is a huge addition to an already deep team. Then you can add Tagoona to a possible top 6 role and things are continue to get brighter and brighter

  2. Starsfan

     /  November 7, 2011

    The news couldnt get any better… Woody is the best defenceman in the SJHL and this is huge news as the best blueline just got much better.

  3. Starsfan

     /  November 7, 2011

    I forgot to mention that on Dec.1 when the cut down date comes and the stars need to be down to 23 the stars could be 2 players on Junior B cards to keep them on the team..

  4. hey well, I am a firm believer in players who want to play and will give you 110% playing and are the guys to play, and it seems to me the Stars have them on the lineup now — THE WINNING LINEUP!!!! And sometimes when you change the mix you lose some of the edge. But hey, I am not the coach and I just want to think he won’t send the players very far while the new guys try to fit in. If they are great on the team I can waffle in the future and yell “yay Team” with the best of them. I just want them to win baby, win!!!!!!


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