North Stars look for 10 straight as they host Flin Flon

The Battlefords North Stars are the hottest team in the SJHL. That’s actually not even close at this point as far as I can tell the next longest WIN streak is 1 game. A couple teams are on streak of not losing in regulation but no one has won anywhere close to as many games in a row as the North Stars. So the Flin Flon Bombers have a tough task on their hands tonight.

The North Stars got better in the past few days as well. First with Roger Tagoona coming over from Melville. The Stars gave up a very good goalie to get Tagoona. But Blake Voth didn’t really fit in the Stars plans. And of course Woody Klassen is back. I actually just saw Woody in the hall way about 30 minutes before I finished this blog post. He looked tired. I think he probably just literally arrived in town and came straight to the rink. So I asked him if he was going to play tonight. He looked at me like I was from another planet. Of course he is playing tonight. How much will he play? That’s an interesting question. And I would guess it depends on how he looks. Hopefully there is a pot of coffee on somewhere in the Stars locker room.

I will have more on the new look North Stars coming up in the pregame show, as I am hopeful that you are aware, the game is live on CJNB/CJNS tonight starting at 7:15 with the pregame show.

As for the Bombers? Well they are a very good team. Coach Atch told me earlier today that the Bombers are probably the team that has played the Stars the hardest on this streak so far. The Bombers have great speed up front and play a somewhat similar style to the North Stars. They want to get in hard on the D and throw their weight around. Riley Storzuk leads the way offensively but is supported by very good players like Jay Young and Cameron Blair. Tanner Clark is a very good offensive D man who quarterbacks the Bombers power play. He’s their Brody Luhning if you will.

The Bombers aren’t nearly as good defensively as the Stars however as they have let in 15 more goals in 1 fewer game. The Bombers allow an average of a little over 3 goals per game. So the Stars offense should be able to put up some goals against this Bomber team. The question I asked coach Mike Reagan of the Bombers is if the two teams could slow down the other team’s top guys. Can the Bombers slow up Blake Tatchell and can the Stars slow down Storzuk. He said he thinks a lot more attention will be paid to those two players, and their line mates, tonight. If that is the case which team will be able to get some secondary scoring?

Connor Creech is expected to start in goal tonight for the North Stars and it sound like Roger Tagoona is going to play on a line with Newton and Wakelin. That would leave a “kid” line of sorts with Samborksi, Quinn and Keller as the 4th line. I also say Curtis Toneff in his pregame ritual so by process of elimination that would mean that Dallas Jorgensen is out of the line up tonight. That is all speculation at this point though as I haven’t seen the official line ups yet.

Coach Reagan from the Bombers said the game in Flin Flon a little over a week ago was one of the better games he’s been a part of in 4 years with the Bombers. That’s the type of game that could happen here again tonight at the Civic Center. The Stars are looking to win their 10th game in a row. The Bombers would like nothing more than to stop them. Find out who comes out on top by heading down to the Civic Center or tuning in to 1050 CJNB and 102.3 CJNS.

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  1. Well game over – win streak ends at 9 – the team just did not seem to have the same cohesiveness as in previous games. Hope for better in the future. Like I said in previous post, it ain’t always smart to change for sake of change, and I like to go with the guys that got you there. But I am just stating my opinion and I am sure the coach has some things up his sleeve or in his bag of tricks, so Go Team Go. Some big games coming up.

    • Well I hate to disagree with you but Woody Klassen and Roger Tagoona aren’t change for change sake in my opinion. Woody Klassen is arguably the best D man in the entire league. He was playing pro hockey two levels below the NHL before returning to the Stars. And Tagoona is basically like adding another Kyle Hall. This team is much better than it was a couple days ago. And I know it is unfortunate when good players and good young men lose their spot in the lineup. I feel for them. But that’s hockey.

      The other thing I would say is that this team had a nice win streak but they can’t “go with the guys that got them there” because they haven’t gotten anywhere yet. This Stars team is not trying to get a long win streak. They are trying to win a championship. Everyone I have talked to around the league has said this is now the team to beat in the Bauer and maybe the entire SJHL. They lost to a good team tonight but we all knew the streak would end eventually.

      • right on – got your point – am in agreement – like I wrote a few days ago in sports you can go from #1 to #10 real quick as other teams are all shooting for #1 too. Sometimes the next stride is just not as quick and you play from behind yet giving it your best. Lots of games left – Go Team!!!!!!

  2. True fan

     /  November 8, 2011

    Well for one thing was the biggest problem on the ice tonight was the ref. I don,t want to sound like a poor loser but give me a break. Also the second goal that was in the net which the ref disallowed .The goal judge was saying it was a goal the ref did,nt even acknowledge that.Wander why we have goal judges .

    • The Stars lost because the Bombers out played them. Not because of the ref. From my angle that Tagoona shot did not go in the net. The goal judge is there to help the ref but if he was sure it wasn’t in that’s good enough to not award a goal. I thought a couple of the calls both ways were a little soft but the reffing had no impact on the outcome of the game in my opinion.

  3. True fan

     /  November 8, 2011

    So all three goals that flon got were power play goals and your saying that reffing can,t decide the outcome of a game. Ha Ha Ha what a joke.

    • Flin Flon scored twice on the power play not three times. And my opinion is that players decide games not officials. You are entitled to the opposite opinion though and I thank you for reading the blog and posting comments. The more Stars fans the better!!!

  4. True Fan

     /  November 9, 2011

    Sorry for my mistake on the power play goals.But saying that i disagree with your comment about flin flon out playing the stars.The stars played a solid game in my opinion.There are certain officials that are one sided in this league you have not been around here long enough to see that yet.But you will.


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