Stars make some roster changes

I have now received word from the North Stars on the roster changes that were being speculated since last night. We knew that the Tagoona trade and the return of Woody would lead to roster moves we just weren’t sure when or who would be involved. And I now have that information.

The Stars announced today that they have released both Jared Kambeitz and Dallas Jorgensen. It will be tough to see them go as both are good kids. I was also pleased to hear that Stars had gone out of their way to help both find a place to play. So Jorgensen is headed to the MJHL to play for the Winkler Flyers. The Stars are not receiving any compensation for Jorgensen which again I think reflects well on the Stars organization. Jared Kambeitz had the opportunity to play elsewhere in the SJHL but has decided to return to Alberta to be closer to home and he will play Junior B level hockey. Kambeitz had 3 goals and 6 points in 11 games and did not look out of place with the Stars. In fact he had some time playing with Tatchell in a couple games and showed good hands. Kambeitz is a talented player who will likely be a dominant force at that level of hockey. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he is back playing Junior A before too long. As for Jorgensen he is a stay at home D man who is very calm and poised with the puck. He had just 1 point in 17 games with the Stars but I always thought he brought a lot to that 3rd D pair when he was on the ice. Winkler is getting a pretty good player.

So I wish both of them the best of luck in their new pursuits. I think they both have a lot to offer a hockey team as I mentioned both on and off the ice.

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  1. Starsfan

     /  November 10, 2011

    I dont understand something…… Winkler had 1 over the import and that is why the stars got Daughtry. So Winkler brings in another import player?? Something is not making sense to me… Wish both players the best of luck..


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