Time to start a new streak: Stars host Terriers

After their 9 game win streak came to an end two nights ago the North Stars are back on home ice tonight to continue their home stand. The Yorkton Terriers are headed to town at some point today as they were in Kindersley last night. Brent Struble had 2 points and 20 year old rookie Ryon Sookro scored his 7th of the year as Yorkton won 4-3 in over time. The Terriers have won 3 of their last 4 games to move up to the .500 mark on the season so far. Yorkton won all 3 meetings between these two teams last year but as we all know this is a new Stars team and they showed that earlier in the season at the SJHL showcase, the start of their win streak, when the Stars beat Yorkton 5-2. Tanner Schwab scored the game winner in Estevan and Zach MacLellan and Brody Luhning both had 2 points as the Stars used a 3 goal second period to run away from the Terriers.

The Stars offense has dried up a little here lately as they scored just 3 goals in a win and a loss to kick off this homestand. Black Tatchell had just 1 point in those two games. The Stars need to get some secondary scoring from guys like Brett Miller and Kyle Hall in order to be a truly elite team in the country. In fact they have had secondary scoring this year so I don’t want this to seem like a criticism of those guys. Perhaps a more consistent amount of secondary scoring is what the team needs. Now of course the Stars are the top team in the SJHL so it may seem like nitpicking and I do like the pieces the North Stars have and I love watching hockey teams where everyone seems to know their role. The addition of Woody Klassen and Roger Tagoona to the team, and to the power play, should help in the secondary scoring area as well. So I expect this will seem like less of a ‘problem’ as the season goes on.

But I have to find something to criticise right? The Stars team D is excellent, their goal tending has been strong and they have been winning a lot more games than they lose. It’s a fun team to watch as they work hard and they have coaches who hold them accountable for their play. All in all it is a team with a LOT going for it.

Based on the game I covered in Estevan between these two teams make sure you keep your eyes on the Norrish boys Chase and Brady. Mobile D men with puck skills are always fun to watch and Chase scored a beauty on Graham Hildebrand in that game the Stars eventually won. In fact if memory serves the Terriers are a very entertaining team to watch.

It warms my heart to be able to tell you that there could be as many as 7 players in tonight’s game at the Civic Center who hail from Canada’s best province (it’s a tie with Saskatchewan) Curtis Toneff, Zack MacLellan and Jake Daughtry for the Stars (Matt Sheeran is still injured) are all from BC and Yorkton features Sookro, Zak Makowski, Jamie Vlanich, and Sam Rockwell who all hail from the western most province. If that isn’t enough reason to get down to the Civic Center tonight then I don’t know is.

In all seriousness though (I was serious BC is amazing) it should be a great game tonight as the Stars get another shot at a Sherwood division team. So far this season the Stars are 4-1 against Sherwood teams and haven’t lost since opening night when Kindersley picked up a 5-1 victory. A lot of people I have talked to think the Bauer is a much deeper and stronger division. The Stars will look to prove that tonight on home ice. I hope to see you at the Civic Center at 7:30.



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