Norht Stars Injury Updates

The North Stars will be without 3 key players tonight when they host Flin Flon. I am currently working on a game preview which will be on the blog soon. But I wanted to get this info out to you as soon as possible. Here is the deal on the 3 players out of the lineup.

Boyd Wakelin: Hurt his hand against La Ronge. I saw Wakes today and he said he will be playing against Humboldt on Wednesday. Nothing is broken just some serious bruising. I don’t know if Wakelin will actually play before Christmas but the fact he wants to play and thinks he will be able to play is good news. Sounds like he won’t be out long term.

Tim Rollins: Has been dealing with a lower body injury for a while. It’s a problem that he has been able to play through so far and Coach Hasselberg told me today it isn’t too serious. They were hoping to get to the Christmas break without have Tim out of the lineup but have decided it isn’t worth the risk at this point. It sounds like Rollins could be back against Humboldt but perhaps they will hold him out to give him some extra time to heal up. If Rollins were to return on January 2nd that would give him 20 days of rest.

Blake Tatchell: Tatchell is in a similar situation to Rollins. Tatch has been dealing with an upper body injury for most of the season. Coach Hasselberg said the decision to rest Tatchell tonight was for similar reasons to Rollins. And the same can be said for Tatchell and a possible return against the Broncos. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. It’s important for the Stars to return in the new year as healthy as possible.

For more from Coach Hasselberg on these injuries and the acquisition of Jordan Ethier tune into the 6pm sports tonight on CJNB/CJNS or online at

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  1. Yub-Yub

     /  December 15, 2011

    If Tatchell has been hurt and still putting up the numbers he did through the season so far… it’s scary to think what if he was 100% the whole time.

    • Yeah. I have no idea how much it’s affected his game or how consistently he’s been hurt. I’m sure sometimes it’s been worse than others. But to lead the league when not always 100% is impressive.


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