SJHL: Battlefords North Stars pick up 5-3 win over Weyburn Red Wings

Tonight I was live tweeting the game. In case you missed it this is the way it went. Feel free to start at the bottom and work your way up for the full effect. I will have even more on this game tomorrow. Or I suppose since it is now Sunday I should say I will have more on the game later on today.

– Ethier first star of the game. Hoffman second. Tatchell 3rd. Schwab and Tagoona also good. Kennelly excellent for Wings. #SJHL
– 5-3 final. Red Wings put up a great effort short a couple players and having played last night. Tatchell’s back. Stars have won 2 in a row.
– Tatchell with a PP empty netter to ice the game. 503 with 37 seconds left. Newton with his second assist. Schwab with the other helper.
– So a late PP for Stars. 59.3 left and an offensive zone draw. Teskey back in net.
– Red Wings net is empty. 1:06 left. Schwab taken down on a rush towards open net. Not a clear break away or it would be automatic goal.
– 1:52 left in third. Play blown down because of a hand pass. Teskey will head to bench here soon I would imagine. #SJHL
– Miller and Tatchell with the assists. Tatchell’s first two points in nearly a month tonight. Last time he got points was Dec 10th vs Weyburn
– 4-3 North Stars!!! Ethier with his second of the game off the rush. Miller controlled a pass well. Back across to Ethier who beat Teskey.
– Whitell with a long shot swallowed up by Creech. 5:11 left in the third. Stars and Wings still tied at 3. Klassen just drove one inches wide
– 8:00 to go in third. Game is pretty tight right now. Scrappy in neutral zone. No one wants to make the mistake that leads to go ahead goal.
– Attendance here at the Civic Center tonight is 872. 50/50 went for $1,002. Halfway through the third still a tie game. #SJHL
– Very good penalty kill for the Stars. Creech with a couple of saves. One good on off Bruce. Back to 5 on 5. #SJHL
– Woody Klassen with a good shot blocj then dove but couldn’t clear. Creech stops a Struthers point shot to keep it 3-3. 13:20 left.
– They gave Newton 2 for a check to the head. 10 minute misconduct as well. Tagoona serving the penalty. #SJHL
– Power play coming for the Wings. Newton hit Bruce and caught him with a stray elbow. Bruce stayed down for a while. Appears to be okay now.
– 15:40 remaining Ethier robbed by Teskey. Ethier had his hands in the air. No idea how that stayed out of the net. Still 3-3 15:11 left #SJHL
– Hoffman looking good. Just dangled Sheeran and fired just wide. #SJHL
– Good ruch by Ross 1:30 into the third. MacLellan angled him off well. Creech didn’t have to make a save.
– Second period over. 3-3 the score. Big pile up behind the Stars net at the horn. Carelton knocked Luhning down at horn. Looked accidental.
– Quinn just set up Miller backdoor. Didn’t get away a great shot but Teskey was across quickly. Good save. #SJHL
– 2:19 left in second. Two good shifts by Stars since the 3rd WIngs goal. Sanderson had a good chance set up by Ross. Creech stopped him.
– 3-3. Lane Harbor gets a little lucky as he gloves the puck down it hits him the head. Drops right onto his stick. Beats Creech post and in.
– Goal. 3-2 North Stars now. Jordon Hoffman finishes after a sweet between the legs back pass cross crease by Kennelly. #SJHL
– Kennelly good chance early in PP and Creech stops him. Cleared by Wakelin. Wings right back to attack. Cross ice pass just missed Ross.
– Tanner Quinn off for a crosscheck. Power play to the Wings. 8:02 left in second.
– Goal North Stars. Tanner Schwab scores the goal. 3-1 Stars. Came 20 seconds into the PP. Assists given to Tagoona and Newton. #SJHL
– Another power play for Stars. Coupal off for an elbow. Got tied up with Wakelin. Didn’t look like much from my angle. Stars 0-1 so far on PP
– Back to even strength. Tagoona and Hall each had a shot on the man advantage. No clear cut scoring chances.
– Ross with a good rush short handed. Creech makes the save. PP looking dysfunctional so far for Stars.
– 13:59 left in the second. Kennelly to the box. Got his stick in the feet of Forbes. Goes off for tripping. Stars to their first power play.
– 5 minutes gone here in second as Teskey makes another good save off Rollins. Still 2-1 North Stars.
– Tatchell hit the side of the net with a backhand shot. Ethier fired the rebound wide. Creech then makes a good save at other end off Ross.
– Real good save early by Teskey. Tagoona’s shot was blocked. Came back to him in slot. Teskey squeezes it between his arm and body. #SJHL
– 2nd period underway here at the Civic Center. 2-1 North Stars as we get going.
– 2-1 North Stars after the first period of play. Shots are 11-8 in favor of the Stars. Wings 0-1 on PP. Stars without a man advantage #SJHL
– Last minute of the first and the Wings are buzzing. Creech makes a couple saves. Line of Harbor, Carleton and Whitell with good work.
– 3:55 left in period. Great tip by Newton. Even better save by Teskey. @FigNewts93 looking for his first of the year got robbed. #SJHL
– Weyburn goal was given to Johnson. Assist to Bruce. Shots now 9-7 as the Wings start to climb back into this game. #SJHL
– 4:38 left in the 1st and Wings have scored. Point shot from Jens Johnson got past Creech. Might have been tipped.
– Sanderson, Ross & Bruce just had another good shift. Coach MacMillan trying to get his team going is very vocal on bench so far. #SJHL
– Sanderson with a good shot off the rush. Creech makes the blocker save. Stars ice the puck half way through a change. #SJHL
– Rollins unassisted at 8:56. Shots are 9-3 in favor of the Stars. Ethier just had a good chance. Teskey with a good glove save. #SJHL
– 2-0 North Stars. Great hit from Newton on Sanderson as Stars forecheck. Rollins eventually walks out front goes post and in on the backhand.
– Sambroski turns it over in his own zone with Bruce, Sanderson and Ross but recovered to clear the puck.
– Good kill by the Stars. Wings had puck in offensive zone for last 45 seconds or so. But no good scoring chances. #SJHL
– Back underway. Keller with a great chance short handed. Good stick save by Teskey.
– We’ve got a problem with a pain of glass so there is going to be a delay before the power play gets started.
– First penalty of the game. It’s a trip on Toneff. Wings get the first power play of the game. 16:13 remaining in the first. #SJHL
– 3 minutes in good shift from Quinn, Keller and Samborksi. Couple good hits. Quinn fires over top of the net.
– 14 seconds later 1-0 North Stars. Ethier in the slot found by Tatchell. No mistake past Teskey. I said Tatchell was due. Didn’t take long.
– 14 seconds in and the North Stars get a chance. Ethier down low passes out front to Miller. Teskey makes the save. #SJHL
– Jason Knox@NorthStarsVoice Whitell has split duties all year, Macoretta can take some shifts as well

– Warmup underway here at the Civic Center. Creech gets the start for the North Stars. Teskey for the Wings.

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