Some thoughts on last night’s Stars win

I promised more on last night’s game today. So I thought I would jot down some thoughts that I had during the game last night and some that have occurred to me since.

– That first shift for the North Stars to start the game was pretty darn good. Ethier, Miller and Tatchell could have scored more than the one goal they ended up getting. Tatchell set up Ethier who had a pretty easy finish.

– There was a lengthy delay when the glass had to be repaired. I have a confession to make. It was me who noticed the glass was out of alignment. The clip at the top was broken by a hit. We called down to the time keepers bench so they could alert the ref and the repairs were made. It was unfortunate that the delay had to occur but the glass was so far out of whack it could have really injured a player if they had been hit in that area.

– Tim Rollins does a lot of great work on the back check. He said after the game that it was nice to get that goal. It had been a while and it felt good to get back on the score sheet. But time and time again I notice him back in his own zone breaking up an attempted rush by the other team. He had one again last night in the second period where he was in his own slot clearing the puck. He’s not the only one of course but for some reason I have noticed it with Tim a couple times in recent games.

– I’ve asked Coach Hasselberg about the trade deadline a couple times and he said the same thing both times. Which is basically if they can make their team better they will. I think they really like the make up of their group. But a key group of players are all 20. Sparrow, Klassen, Tatchell, Miller, Hildebrand, Wakelin and now Ethier are all done with junior hockey after this season. And coach made a point of mentioning that. Will they load up and try to go for a championship this season? We will find out here in a couple days. The trade deadline is January 10th.

– Robbie Newton had 2 assists last night although one may have been a phantom assist. Tanner Schwab’s power play marker gave the Stars a 3-1 lead and assists went to Newton and Tagoona. It’s my understanding that those assists were guesses. I don’t think the officials knew if those two were even on the ice which they were. Newts was very good throughout the game last night and almost scored. His deflection was well stopped by Teskey. Newton is getting closer to getting his first of the year. And when he does he might just go on a little streak. He’s been getting chances.

– For those that missed the Coach’s Corner after the game up in the hotstove I should let you know that Braeden Johnson is day to day. With almost a week off after the game last night I think the coaches figured it would be good for Johnny to get a few more days rest. He didn’t really get a Christmas break as he played 4 games for the Edmonton Oil Kings. So he is getting a rest now and getting back to being 100% healthy.

– Woody Klassen took a puck in the side of the head last night in the second period I believe. He stayed in the play but it sure looked like it stung.

– The Bauer division is so tough right now. La Ronge absolutely went off last night beating Melfort 10-1. But things might be going the North Stars way tonight. La Ronge is losing 3-0 to Notre Dame on home ice. Humboldt are in a tie game with Estevan. Although the Broncos are outshooting the Bruins heavily.

– Matt Sheeran makes a very good first pass and he passes hard. I think he is going to get stronger and stronger the more games he gets under his belt. It will give the coaches a tough decision to make when Sparrow comes back. Forbes, Sparrow, MacLellan, Toneff, Sheeran, Klassen and Luhning. That’s one too man D men to get into the lineup. That’s without mentioning Grayden Turner who can also play forward.

– The Stars were 2 for 3 on the power play which is encouraging. But one was into an empty net. Still the power play has looked better since the Christmas break. It still has some work to do to be as dangerous as the top units in the league.

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