SJHL Playoffs – Bauer Final Game 3: Battlefords North Stars at Humboldt Broncos

Sorry about the lack of a post game write up after game 2. I’ve been really sick and just wasn’t up to writing anything the last few days. I was focused on getting healthy for tonight. It’s a big game and as of yesterday morning I was having a hard time talking.

Recent Game:

  • The Stars played a solid game but came up short in game 2. The Broncos finished their chances and the Stars had a few unlucky bounces. They had a couple of pucks trickle inches wide and a couple shots hit Colin Dzijacky that he didn’t see. Good positioning by the goalie but also some bad luck for the Stars. They also scored first and scored on an early power play but couldn’t keep that momentum going. Normally when the Stars score first they are a very good bet to win the game.

Who’s Hot:

Humboldt Broncos:

  • Josh Roach. Has 7 points now in 6 playoff games for the Broncos. Humboldt’s top D man has been excellent so far this series.

Battlefords North Stars:

  • Mitch Berg. Has 3 goals now, including the lone goal in game 2 on the power play, in the playoffs. Berg had 1 goal in 16 games as a North Star after the trade. He’s upped his game here in the playoffs.

Players to Watch:

Humboldt Broncos:

  • Joey Davies. Took a run at Blake Tatchell last game and then fought Boyd Wakelin. Wake’s isn’t really a fighter but good on him for showing up. The Stars will have to make sure they focus on hockey and not on Davies.

Battlefords North Stars

  • Woody Klassen. The Stars top D man was nearly a point a game player in the regular season. He has just 4 points in 9 games so far in the playoffs. Woody needs to get going and he is one of those players that you feel is going to break out. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it’s a matter of ‘when’.

Regular Season Head to Head:

  • Regular Season Meetings:
    Battlefords 0 @ Humboldt 1 (Jan 15 2012)
    Humboldt 3 @ Battlefords 2 (Dec 21 2011)
    Battlefords 0 @ Humboldt 5 (Dec 11 2011)
    Humboldt 1 @ Battlefords 2 (Nov 5 2011)
    Humboldt 4 @ Battlefords 6 (Oct 28 2011)
    Battlefords 5 @ Humboldt 4 (Oct 7 2011)
  • Head to Head Leaders:
    Robbie Ciolfi – 5Gp – 4G – 4A – 8PTS
    Andrew Johnston – 6GP – 3G – 5A – 8PTS
    Brett Miller – 6GP – 5A – 1A – 6PTS
    Blake Tatchell – 6GP – 3G – 2A – 5PTS
    Tanner Schwab – 6GP – 2G – 3A – 5PTS


  • Playoff Meetings:
    Battlefords 4 @ Humboldt 9 (Mar 16 2012)
    Humbolst 3 @ Battlefords 1 (Mar 17 2012)
  • Playoff Leaders:
    Blake Tatchell – 9GP – 3G – 7A – 10PTS
    Robbie Ciolfi – 6GP – 9G – 2A – 11PTS
    Ryan Marshall – 6GP – 2G – 6A – 8PTS
    Josh Roach – 6GP – 2G – 5A – 7PTS
    John Lawrence – 5GP – 2G – 4A – 6PTS
    Andrew Johnston – 6Gp – 4G – 2A – 6PTS
    Brody Luhning – 9GP – 2G – 4A – 6PTS
    Kyle Hall – 9GP – 3G – 2A – 5PTS
    Taylor Duzan – 4GP – 1G – 3A – 4PTS

Playoff Special Teams:

Humboldt Broncos:

  • PP –  7-26 (26.9%) PK – 27-29 (93.1%)

Battlefords North Stars

  • PP – 5-29 (17.2%) PK – 22-28 (78.6%)

The Big Stat(s):

  • 2. This is the second straight series that the Stars have trailed by 2 games. They had what it took to come back from 3-1 down against the Nipawin Hawks and win that series in 7 games. Do they have what it takes to come back from 2-0 down and beat the Broncos? We will have a much better idea after tonight’s game.
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