North Stars Awards Banquet

Here is a list of last night’s award winners from the North Stars Awards Banquet. These awards were selected by the coaching staff.


Most Valuable Player: Blake Tatchell (Sponsored by Bridges Pontiac Buick)

Blake was the recipient of the SJHL MVP award as voted on by the Coaches and General Managers throughout the League. He possesses speed, creativity, and the ability to go where the puck is going before the puck got there, a characteristic mastered by the “Great One”. Blake is a player that makes the players around him better; not only his teammates, but the opposition as well.


Top Defenseman: Brody Luhning (Sponsored by Knights of Columbus)

Brody lead the North Stars defense in scoring this season, compiling 40 points in 53 games during the regular season and 10 points in 13 games during the play-offs which was amongst top three in the League all season. Brody was a leader when it came to protecting the team, keeping the dressing room light when emotions were intense, and coming to a teammate’s aid when called upon on the ice.


Top Scorer: Blake Tatchell (Sponsored by Risling Transport)

Blake Tatchell lead the North Stars in scoring for back to back seasons now, compiling 86 points in 57 games this season, second only to Ian McNulty in League scoring. Combine that with the 74 points in 57 games last season and the 30 points in his rookie season, Blake amassed 190 points in 168 games as a North Star over three seasons.


Fans Choice: Blake Tatchell (Sponsored by Bertha Hill in memory of Lil Sorge)

It’s no wonder the fans made this choice with the enthusiasm and highlight reel goals and plays on display from Blake this past season. From scoring end to goals, a shorthanded goal down two players, and physically running over the opposition when challenged, fans are showing their appreciation with his efforts after tallying up the votes. Blake will now continue to entertain his current fans and all of his new fans on a full scholarship to the University of Alaska Anchorage for the next 4 seasons!


Play-off MVP: Woody Klassen (Sponsored by UAP/NAPA Auto Parts)

When Woody returned to the North Stars it boosted an already potent defensive roster. For back to back seasons, Woody was a recipient of the North Stars top defenseman award, and after only playing 36 games this season, Woody recorded 34 points. Woody gave 4 seasons to the North Stars Organization accumulating 116 points in 190 regular season games, and on numerous occasions took the roof off buildings with his strong physical play. Woody was inspiring in this season’s play-offs, blocking shots, killing penalties, and leading a team to within an overtime goal of a second chance at a another game 7.


Rookies of the Year: Tanner Quinn/ Ryne Keller (In memory of Alvin Gessner)

The co-recipients of this award, both became fan favorites and were key contributing members of record breaking numbers for the 2011-12 North Stars Hockey Team. Both played fearless, finishing every check, blocking shots, and jumping to the aid of fallen teammates. Timely goals were scored throughout the season which changed momentum and motivated the team. Both Tanner and Ryne were perfect examples of what it means to never complain, never whine, and never make excuses.


Most Improved: Dillon Forbes (Sponsored by Bannerman Photography)

Dillon was a tireless worker all season, taking every opportunity to improve the fundamentals of his game. This became more evident as the season progressed and the team entered the play-offs where Dillon carried himself with poise, always determined to compete for every battle. In 53 games this season, Dillon accumulated 15 points and amassed 85 pims. Dillon was an ambassador in the community and represented the North Stars with Pride and Class


Humanitarian: Jared Samborski

Jared Samborski showed a great deal of enthusiasm when spending time out in the community. With community involvement being a priority for the club this season, Jared displayed an ideal example of what the club hopes to portray. He was always eager to interact with fans, and approached every team activity with a friendly and positive attitude. Jared certainly left an impression on the youth he met through community activities.


Most Dedicated: Woody Klassen (Sponsored by Billie Choque)

Woody Klassen is goal driven and determined to improve all aspects of his game. From the countless hours he spends in the gym, to the structured daily routines he follows; he provided the younger players direction and proof of what it will take to advance to the next level. Woody not only committed this time to himself, he also committed his time and energy to the needs of the hockey team, assisting and encouraging others to work as hard for the benefit of the team. To further enhance this process, Woody always takes a positive enthusiastic approach to everything he does and brings that out in others as well.



Every year, Northwest Hockey Development provides one graduating North Stars player with a scholarship for $2500. This scholarship goes towards a player planning to continue their education, and it was presented to Graham Hildebrand.

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  1. Starsfan

     /  March 31, 2012

    The only choice I dont agree with is Defenceman of the year… How can Woody be nominated for defenceman of the year in the league but yet doesnt win the Stars defenceman of the year award? All the other chocies were great. All the best to the graduating players.

  2. Mike what 2 games so far, wings could be up 2 nothing. No cake walk for Humbolt, like the Bauer Con. thought.

  3. Gerald

     /  April 2, 2012

    If it wasn,t for the bronco’s hosting the RBC they should be digging out there golf clubs.The broncos get to play again just to get there butts kicked.LOL

  4. starsfan

     /  April 7, 2012

    Mike I know this is a little late but did the team not miss a few awards from other years? Hustler or what ever they call it, under rated and the most gentlemanly. Oh and may be the most important stat of all the the plus minus. Just a thought. Would also like to thank you and Trent for doing a super job all year, If it wasn’t for you guy’s it would be hard for us stars fans to follow the team that can’t make it to the games.

    • Well I wasn’t around before so I have no idea what the old awards were but I did over hear Kevin at some point this season mentioning that he didn’t like some of the awards. So I imagine if they did away with some from previous years it is because the coaching staff decided they were redundant or unnecessary.

      • starsfan

         /  April 8, 2012

        Thanks Mike. Hope to here that some of our 20 year old’s are moving on. I’m sure you well be one of the first to know and are sure to let us know. Have a great summer and Go JAYS go.

  5. How are our Wings doing now ,not bad when every body in the North thought they were going to be swept.

    • Not doing that good when they are about to get eliminated. So they lose in 6 instead of 5? I guess I was way off in my prediction. If it wasn’t for a hot goalie they’d have been swept.

  6. Starsfan

     /  April 14, 2012

    Mike can you tell us some of the players that were at spring camp??


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