Potential SJHL Expansion?

More info is coming out about topics discussed during the SJHL AGM over the weekend.


From the release:

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League held its AGM on June 9th .

The agenda consisted of many housekeeping items for the teams and the league.

The 2012-13 season will start play on September 21st 2012.

Teams Training camps may start on August 31st 2012.

The season will end on February 26th 2013, teams will play a 54 game schedule.


I spoke with Tom Chief on the phone this morning. He is a councilor on the Onion Lake First Nation and is in charge of their bid process. He said they had a Junior B team for over a decade starting in the mid-90s and running that team was great experience. The goal was always to have a Junior A team.

Chief also said that the arena needs to be updated and that funds have been allocated to finish that project. Originally they didn’t finish installing seats and so that needs to be done to bring capacity up to it’s maximum which would be 2,500 people.

The Onion Lake is the biggest Oil producing First Nation in Canada so funds shouldn’t be a problem.

The bid team also knows that they will be competing with Junior A teams in the area (Bonnyville, Lloydminster, even the North Stars) when it comes to recruiting players from the area. Again from the SJHL website:

The Governors have tabled the application for it to be reviewed. Governors will also determine if the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has a desire to expand at this time.


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