North Stars Annual Golf Classic

The North Stars held their annual golf tournament at the North Battleford Golf and Country Club over the weekend. I was lucky enough to golf in a great group with Brian and Al from ReMax as well as Grayden Turner and Blake Young from the North Stars. The weather couldn’t have been better for the event and it was great seeing a lot of current and former North Stars as well as coach Hasselberg and Atcheynum. I have been staying in touch with coach via text message and the odd phone call but it was nice to catch up face to face. The steak dinner was excellent as well so all in all I had a very good day. It was also nice that we were able to salute Dale Jackson at the dinner with a standing ovation after he was singled out for his long tenure with the team. I was mistakenly given credit for starting the standing ‘O’ even though a gentleman in a camouflage hat was the first to stand. Either way it was a deserved moment for DJ aka The White Shark.

In other Stars news the AGM is tonight at the Civic Center at 7pm. If you are interested in helping the Stars as a board member or volunteer you can call 445-7827 for more information or head to the Civic Center tonight.

And this really deserves it’s own post but I am going to include it here for ease of access.

Jared Samborski has been forced to retire from hockey due to injury.

I spoke with coach Hasselberg and with Jared and they both said that an accumulation of various injuries was the reason he made that decision. Jared struggled with several different injuries over the course of his career and during this past season including some broken bones and some concussion related symptoms as well. It’s always incredibly sad when a career comes to and end prematurely and certainly in this case to see a player with 2 more years of junior eligibility forced out of hockey is tough to swallow. Coach Hasselberg said of Samborski, “a reckless player and I don’t say that in a negative way” when I spoke with him. Coach went on to say that Samborski played with passion and character and put his body on the line every night for his team mates. I couldn’t agree more with Coach about the on ice and off ice contributions of Samborski. He genuinely is an excellent young man who represents his family very well.

Samborski loved playing hockey and loved being at the rink. He always had a big smile on his face no matter the tough circumstances he was faced with and to be honest I don’t think I’ve seen any other player smiling when forced to work the camera when out of the lineup. But he really just enjoyed being out at the rink and involved with his local team. That’s another aspect of this situation which frankly sucks. I love the fact the Stars seem to have a lot of local players on the roster and losing one is tough.

Oh and he was the Stars Humanitarian Award winner this season. That’s an aspect of their team that coach Hasselberg and Atcheynum take very seriously. Here is what the Stars said about Sammy when he was given the award.

Humanitarian: Jared Samborski

Jared Samborski showed a great deal of enthusiasm when spending time out in the community. With community involvement being a priority for the club this season, Jared displayed an ideal example of what the club hopes to portray. He was always eager to interact with fans, and approached every team activity with a friendly and positive attitude. Jared certainly left an impression on the youth he met through community activities.

This is a tough loss for the Stars on and off the ice. Sammy will be missed and hopefully we will see lots of him around the rink this fall and maybe even get him on a few broadcasts as well. Best of luck in the future Jared.

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