Training Camp Begins on Friday

The Battlefords North Stars season ended on Sunday March 25th when Kameron Ballas scored early in the first OT of game 6 between the North Stars and the Humboldt Broncos. Training camp will begin on Friday August 31st at 11am when players will be put through fitness testing to see how well their offseason training programs went. That’s 152 days, by my count, between when the 2011-12 season ended and when the new 2012-13 season begins. I wish I new where that time went.

But with the exciting news that I will be broadcasting ever single game this season I have recently found myself very energized about the coming season. I can’t wait to get down to the rink to see what this year’s team might look like.

I spoke with Coach Hasselberg on the phone yesterday and if you caught the sports at noon yesterday on CJNB/CJNS you will have heard some of the comments. For those that didn’t I will quickly recap what coach had to say. Coach said he was happy with the recruits that are coming to camp and that he thinks they will have a lot of competition to make this team. When I asked him what a kid would have to do to stand out and to show they have what it takes to be a North Stars he said it would take three things. They have to be in shape and ready to compete. They have to show they can pick up new systems quickly and they have to be a good fit within the locker room and the community. Knowing Coach Hasselberg I am sure he will be evaluating a lot of things about every player but those are the three main aspects that he highlighted.

Other notes about training camp this year:

The first couple days will feature the AAA Stars and I believe some members of the Female AAA Sharks as well. The North Stars like the dynamic that brings early in camp plus it’s a chance to have a good strong relationship with the AAA teams in town. And of course it is in the North Stars best interests to know that the midget team is developing good local players who can help the North Stars in the future.

Players have already begun arriving in town and plenty more are on their way. Of course guys like Tanner Schwab and Dillon Forbes were here all along. And Connor Creech doesn’t have far to come. But others like Matt Sheeran, Roger Tagoona and Tanner Quinn have to come from pretty far away. Plus I am willing to bet any money that there will be a couple guys at camp from further afield.

Coach Hasselberg told me the billet situation for the coming season is pretty good. But he also said the Stars can always use another couple beds. If you are interested in helping out contact the Stars office. will have contact info.

The new athletic therapist, a new position that is just another sign of the strong place this organization is currently in, will be here by the time camp begins. Michelle Beatty will be a big addition to the staff of the North Stars. I am looking forward to meeting her and to catching up with Coach Atcheynum as well.

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