Training Camp Day 2 – Scrimmages

First of all here are the rosters from yesterdays scrimmages.

G – Cody Boekman
G – Michael Gudmanson
G – Blair Mahon

D – Dillon Forbes
D – Matt Sheeran
D – Eric Pfeifer
D – Kyler Wilkinson
D – Grayden Turner
D – Zack Kindya
D – Cody Bird
D – Patrick Croome
D – Reece Fenrich
D – Tanner Davies
D – Kegan Bowman
D – Nicholas Howell
D – Austin Moore
D – Kendall Fransoo
D – Evan Ripley
D – Spencer Gosselin

F – Roger Tagoona
F – Braeden Johnson
F – Kyle Hall
F – Robbie Newton
F – Brandon Long
F – Tanner Quinn
F – Ryne Keller
F – Austin Evans
F – Blake Young
F – Carter Danczak
F – Lane Morin
F – Joey Morin
F – Jake McMillan
F – Brody Tatchell
F – Joshua Betinol
F – Jordaan Braun
F – Dyllan Sakatch
F – Austin Dyok
F – Scott McCluskey
F – Craig Fournier
F – Nolan Kinney
F – Kyle Litchenwald
F – Ben Greenaway
F – Linden Horswill
F – Nick Fountain
F – Dallas McIntosh
F – Bryden Serafini
F – Dayne Ellison

Evan Ripley is a big 20 year old D men who was playing Junior A in the North American Hockey League last season in Dawson Creek. That team is now defunct and Ripley is going to be a guy who provides the North Stars with size on the back end. Spencer Gosselin is a Lloydminster product who was playing Midget AAA there last season. Those two D men along with Forbes, Sheeran and Luhning will make up a large chuck of the North Stars D this season. Grayden Turner is a little banged up so I am not sure when he will get back on the ice. Gosselin and Ripley are also banged up but we know for the most part what those guys can all bring.The returning guys all looked sharp. Dillon Forbes is in great shape coming into camp and looks very strong out on the ice. Matt Sheeran is going to have a good year.

In terms of D that I hadn’t seen before I thought Bowman and Croome looked pretty good. Both have size and seemed to want to make the simple play and the safe play whenever possible. I like that in a D man personally and since the Stars are mainly looking for some depth guys on D that’s maybe the type of player they would be interested in. But a lot of it comes down to tonight’s game against the Bobcats. Lloydminster is relatively close to the start of their season and will likely play a pretty strong lineup. So as coach Atcheynum said last night the Stars will get a better idea of who can play Junior A level hockey after tonight’s game. Zak Kindya and Reece Fenrich both made a couple nice plays with the puck at the line and got shots through on net.

The problem is it’s impossible to see everything going on out there during scrimmages and lots of good and maybe not so good plays were missed while I was chatting with guys like Kyle Hall and Johnny. But the Stars have lots of eyes, talent evaluators, watching these scrimmages and I am sure they don’t miss much. So it will be interested to see which guys on D they liked.

I didn’t spend too much time watching the goalies. We know Connor Creech is going to be the starter and I believe he is now in town as of today. Blair Mahon looked sharp from what I saw and whenever he was out there he wasn’t getting beaten very often. The Stars also have a goalie by the name of Casey Parker who is hurt but will get a look once he is healthy. He’s a former Regina Pat Canadian midget AAA player.

As for the forwards the guys you would expect to look sharp were good. Hall, Johnson and Newton were all solid. I thought Roger Tagoona looked great in the morning session and was around the puck a lot and always looked dangerous. So far I like what I see from Austin Evans who looks quick and I noticed him heading to the front of the net a lot. With his hands he’ll score some goals this season if he goes to those types of areas. Brandon Long also looked good. You know what you are going to get from Quinn and Keller. Effort and smart hockey. They will both be good again this year and will build on solid rookie seasons.

I thought Blake Young played well. He put in a lot of work this offseason at the gym along with Carter Danczak and they are both players coming up from the Midget AAA Stars who should have an impact this season.

One guy who stood out with his speed was Josh Betinol. He was physical and around the puck a lot. Showed good explosiveness and a good change of speed and could be a guy who makes this team. Kinney, Litchenwald, Dyok, Sakatch, Serafini, McCluskey and Greenaway are all guys who I noticed doing some good things and trying to be physical. But really every player had their moments. Coach Atcheynum even said when I interviewed him that no one looked out of place playing at a Junior A camp. Although again it’s early and tonight’s game will be huge in evaluating these players.

Dayne Ellison is a kid who I would have liked to have seen more of but he got hurt in the first practice of the weekend. He’s a BC kid who is from a town I used to live in so we had a good chat and he seems like a good kid. So hopefully he isn’t hurt too seriously and gets a chance to get back on the ice soon.

Other than that I don’t have too much more at this point. I don’t think I am going to be heading to Wainwright tonight so I will speak with the coaches tomorrow at some point and get an idea how the game went. Make sure you tune into CJNB/CJNS sports throughout the rest of the weekend for more on the North Stars and Midget AAA Stars.

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  1. hockeyfan123

     /  September 3, 2012

    really impressed with the game last night. LLoyd had prob 10 vets in lineup, we had 0, and at times we were better. Very good game.

  2. Gerald

     /  September 3, 2012

    From watching the scrimmages for two days there were two d men that i thought were really good heads up hockey players, one was zack kindya and the other was croome. I really liked what kindya brought to the ice very smart plays good stick handling and a solid on his skates.Also for goal tending i thought gudmanson was the man that was outstanding.

  3. hockeyfan

     /  September 3, 2012

    Gudmandson was given the player of the game at last nights game… he was sensational in goal. Mahon was BRUTAL. Also very impressed with Croome last night. hes got good size and makes a good first pass..

  4. hockeyfan

     /  September 3, 2012

    Mike, are you able to tell us, the updated roster of whose left with the team?

    • I’ll have more on that tonight on the SportsFix and tomorrow morning on the sports on CJNB/CJNS Q98 and The Rock. And then at some point tomorrow I will get a blog post up.

  5. hockeyfan

     /  September 4, 2012

    MIke I heard you say on your morning sports that the stars play Melfort on Friday at the CC.. Dont they play Melfort in Melfort on Friday and back at the CC on Saturday??


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