SJHL Exhibition: Melfort Mustangs at Battlefords North Stars

Tonight’s game at the Civic Center will get underway in about 15 minutes. Here’s tonight’s line up.

39 – Connor Creech – Starter
1 – Blair Mahon (Will play second half)

2 – Zak Kindya
3 – Eric Pfeifer
4 – Cody Bird
5 – Brody Luhning
6 – Kyler Wilkinson
10 – Matt Sheeran


7 – Josh Betinol
9 – Linden Horswill
11 – Roger Tagoona
12 – Austin Evans
14 – Kyle Litchenwald
15 – Nick Fountain
16 – Blake Young
19 – Brody Tatchell
22 – Kyle Hall
23 – Brandon Long
24 – Jake McMillen
25 – Ben Greenaway

Follow me on twitter (You don’t have to be on Twitter to go to that web address and see my tweets) for updates throughout the game. And check back here for a post game report. From tonight until the RBC Cup (hopefully) I will be at every single North Stars game with updates.

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  1. hockeyfan

     /  September 9, 2012

    Real impressed with alot of players… For Rookies on defene I thought, Kindya, and Bird were studs. On forward. Young,Betinol,Horswill,Fountain,Evans,were all good. I really like Greenaways style. Hes big, rugged, great skater and looks to have not bad hands.. I hope hes alright.. Do you happen to have the lineup from Fridays game in Melfort?


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