North Stars make cuts

The Battlefords North Stars made some cuts yesterday to trim the roster to around 30 players. A couple of local kids were cut including Brody Tatchell, Blair Mahon and Reece Fenrich. It’s never easy making cuts and Coach Hasselberg spoke about that yesterday when I talked to him. I am sure it’s not easy when it’s a local kid as well. But the Stars have to do whatever they can to ice the best possible team. I really hope all of the players who have been cut so far will continue on playing hockey. Some may catch on with another Junior A team or maybe go play Junior B. And who knows maybe they will come back next year and make this team.

Here is the roster as it currently stands.


Damian McKinnin
Michael Gudmanson
Casey Parker
Connor Creech


Kyler Wilkinson
Matt Sheeran
Grayden Turner
Brody Luhning
Zack Kindya
Evan Ripley
Cody Bird
Dillon Forbes
Spencer Gosselin


Ben Greenaway
Blake Young
Braeden Johnson
Brandon Long
Ryne Keller
Tanner Quinn
Jake McMillen
Josh Betinol
Kyle Litchenwald
Nick Fountain
Bryden Serafini
Carter Danczak
Kyle Hall
Roger Tagoona
Austin Evans
Scott McCluskey
Rob Newton
Dylan Sakatch

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