Stars trade for Justin Waskewitch

Yesterday the Battlefords North Stars made a trade to acquire Justin Waskewitch from the Nipawin Hawks.
It was a three team trade involving some list players as well. It breaks down like this: the Stars sent Keegan Milligan to Notre Dame for the list rights to Max Powiada and then packaged Powiada with Carter Danczak to Nipawin for Waskewitch.
First lets talk about Waskewitch. He is a dynamic player who brings great offensive skills. He is dangerous with the puck on his stick and can score goals himself or set them up for team mates. He was over a point a game last season with Nipawin putting up 16 goals and 35 assists (51 points in total) in 47 games. When I spoke with coach Hasselberg about the trade one thing he talked about was the way Waskewitch helped the Hawks power play last season and his ability with the man advantage. The Stars like what he will bring and think the 20 year old forward will boost their offense. Waskewitch is from Cut Knife originally and I believe he wanted to play here in the Battlefords. He is a former North Stars as well. I believe he was part of a trade with Estevan involving Chad Filteau if I am not mistaken. That was also the trade that brought Kyle Hall here to the Battlefords. (someone please correct me if I am wrong as I obviously wasn’t here when that trade went down)

Waskewitch does have some question marks regarding his playoff production in the SJHL so far. Just 1 goal in 10 playoff games. But he was banged up last year when the Hawks played the Stars. When he is on his game he can be a real force and he is a former midget AAA Star who is from this area and is 20 so will provide some experience.

The North Stars gave up a pretty good kid to get him though. I don’t know much, if anything, about the list players involved. But I do know Carter Danczak and I think he’s a pretty good player with huge upside. He doesn’t always work his hardest but I think he will correct some of his bad habits as he adjusts to the junior A level. Coming up from the AAA Stars I think sometimes Danczak got away with things there that you can’t get away with at this level. But he has elite level talent with the puck and he could be a guy who lights this league up as a 19 and 20 year old. He is a local kid as well and another guy who played midget here so in that regard it’s kind of a wash.

Coach Hasselberg said he thinks a fresh start in Nipawin will help jump start Carter and that is a good place for a talented young player to go. He will fit right in there and as we saw last year with Taylor Balog the Hawks great coaching staff is good at getting the most out of young players. Hopefully it is a good fit for both teams.

I think ultimately, and this is just my opinion and nothing I have heard from the coaching staff, the Stars felt they needed to add some offense and they had room to pick up a couple 20 year olds. Waskewitch is quick, has very good hands and great vision. He is the type of player that someone like Roger Tagoona or Kyle Hall will love playing with. In fact all the offensive guys for the Stars will enjoy playing with Justin. For this season the North Stars offense will be improved by this trade.

And as always I want to wish Carter all the best in Nipawin. Hopefully he lights it up except for games against the North Stars. And hopefully in the end  all three teams benefit from this deal. And hopefully it works out well for all players involved as well.

There were a couple other trades yesterday as well. Check out the story here and go to as well.

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  1. Dan O'Connor

     /  October 6, 2012

    Waskewitch, Ryan Andersen, the rights to Koltyn Miller and futures (Ward Szucki) to Estevan for Chad FIlteau and the rights to Kyle Hall.


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