Stars head South to watch UND vs UAA

I wanted to quickly post about tomorrow’s off day for those who haven’t heard as of yet. The North Stars will be headin South immeditaely after tonight’s game. The team, and I will be tagging along, will be headed to Grand Forks. Tomorrow they will practice at the UND home rink which will be followed by a tour of the facility and some other activities. It’s designed as a team building trip but also as a chance for some of these players who are considering the NCAA route to see what they are striving towards.
Tomorrow night the UND hockey team will be hosting the UAA Sea Wolves who will be led by former North Star Blake Tatchell. I am pretty excited to see Tatchell in action and to hopefully get a chance to catch up and see how he is liking university life. UND is ranked 2nd in NCAA hockey so it will be a stiff test for Tatchell and his new team mates. He does already have a couple goals so far this season. I am sure I will also run into some of Blake’s friends and family tomorrow as well. A strong contingent of Battlefordians will be on hand.

On Monday on the way to Wilcox to play Notre Dame the North Stars will be stopping at the U of R for another tour which will be a nice stop for those players considering going the CIS route.

All in all it will be a fantastic trip. I will blog about it when we get back to Canada on Sunday as we get set for the Weyburn game that night. And I will try to upload some pictures as well. Jillian Miller made the trip as well. She is the North Stars marketing manager. And I believe there will be some stories and info and pictures from the trip going up on the North Stars website.

So for the most part tomorrow I will simply be playing the role of Blake Tatchell fan. I am pretty excited to just sit and watch Tatch play hockey as a fan rather than a broadcaster. And since the UND arena is one of the top facilities in the entire USA I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It’s going to be a real treat.

But for now I have a game tonight to look forward to as the North Stars take on Roger Tagoona and the Estevan Bruins.

In case you’ve never seen it here are a couple pics of the beautiful Spectra Place looking even better in year 2.

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