Fall out from North Stars loss in Kindersley

The Battlefords North Stars lost 4-3 in a shootout in Kindersley on Saturday night. It was a pretty intense game and following on from the night before it was an intense game as well. The Stars got goals from Matt Sheeran, Kyle Hall and Braeden Johnson but were unable to score a go ahead goal in the third when the Stars were definitely the better team. DJay McGrath was excellent in the game with 2 goals and the shootout winner.

After the shootout the Klippers came off their bench to celebrate the win and ended up celebrating right in front of the gate that the Stars had to use to get to their locker room. The North Stars have to skate across the ice to make their way to their room at the West Central Events Center. It looked like the referee wanted the North Stars to wait before they made their way off the ice. But a lot was happening so I’m not sure about that. Connor Creech was first off the ice as he squeezed past the Klippers.

Next thing you know there were two hockey teams, who had just played an intense game, in very close quarters. Not surprisingly some guys ended up bumping into each other and a bit of a melee developed.

With pretty much every player for both teams on the ice it was tough for me to see what was going on. It didn’t look like very many punches were thrown and most of the players calmed down pretty quickly. Considering the ratio of players on the ice to officials it could have gotten out of hand. Anyway, cooler heads prevailed and what could have been a bad situation didn’t end up going overboard.

It was a little glimpse into some old time hockey and perhaps for the league it wasn’t an ideal example. But for fans I am sure it was exactly the reason the Stars and Klippers rivalry needs to be rekindled with more games and perhaps the two teams being in the same division.


Early this morning, at around 1:30am, the SJHL tweeted that Ben Greenaway, and Stars assistant coach Blair Atcheynum have been suspended 3 games each. The Stars were also fined. Nothing was tweeted about any suspensions or fines for Kindersley.

I find it a little strange that the Stars were the only team punished after Saturday but I haven’t seen the replays since that night and like I said it was impossible for me to see everything that was happening. I also know the North Stars organization pretty well and I know they will take responsibility for their team and their actions and no excuses will be made. I haven’t spoken to the Stars yet but I imagine they will accept the league’s ruling and move on with trying to win hockey games.


In the end it means the North Stars will be without Greenaway and Atch this weekend with games in Weyburn, Estevan and Notre Dame starting Friday night.

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