Kyle Hall commits


I had a chance to speak with Kyle’s dad during the Stars recent Spring Camp and so I knew this announcement was on the way. I am pleased to finally get to write about it. Kyle Hall has committed to Plattsburgh University in upstate New York. There is more info on the North Stars website and the link is at the top of this post.

What I want to talk about is how happy I am for Kyle. First of all the location of Plattsburgh is pretty cool. Close to some really amazing Eastern cities and Hallzy will get a chance to see a lot of New York and the surrounding areas. Not to mention get himself a quality education while playing hockey. It’s an exciting time for Kyle and it is well deserved.

In my time covering the North Stars I have met a lot of really quality hockey players and even better young men. I won’t name them all because there’s about 40 of them and it would take a while. Kyle Hall is one of the nicest young men you will ever meet. He is respectful, intelligent and hard working. I like his family and I am really happy for all of them.

Plattsburgh University is getting a great hockey player with incredible speed, a very good wrist shot and a lot of defensive qualities. You know Hallzy will be winning a bunch of face-offs in the State University of New York Athletic Conference. More importantly the Plattsburgh Business program is getting a smart young student who I am sure will make the school a better place.

Congratulations Kyle and best of luck next season.


North Stars host Spring Camp

Hey so first of all I should say a quick congratulations to the Yorkton Terriers. Coach Trent Cassan and his staff do a great job and of course most of the credit goes to the players. Yorkton is now off to Nanaimo for the Western Canada Cup. Once again, congratulations.

The North Stars hosted their spring camp over the weekend at the Civic Center in what is a final send off, of sorts, to the season. Over 40 players were on the ice including some vets. Is was good seeing Jake McMillan, Blake Young, Kendall Fransoo, Ryne Keller and Robbie Newton. And Dillon Forbes was also on the ice doing at best a decent job as a linesman.

There were a lot of recognizable names in camp including some guys who helped the Stars last season as ‘AP’s like Connor Sych, Braeden Lacouiserre, Bryce Hall, Alex Pernitsky and Ryan Rewerts. But there were also a lot of names that we haven’t seen before who may go on to be big parts of this organization in the future.

I had a chance to have a chat with GM and Head Coach Kevin Hasselberg as well as assistant coach Blair Atcheynum. Coach Hasselberg said the camp is a great chance for the Stars to show off the strengths of their program from player development to the staff and the facilities. That’s a big part of the camp. It’s not just about getting a look at the players. It’s for the players to get a feel for the Stars.

The Stars do evaluate the players as well. There were practices, scrimmages and some other team stuff that happened off the ice. That’s all designed for the staff to get to know the players both on and off the ice. From the chat I had with Kevin I would say the weekend was a success. He was certainly happy with the camp saying the staff had a lot of fun.

A guy like Spencer Gosselin came to North Stars camp in the past and then made the decision to come to the Battlefords and had a big impact on the team as an 18 year old D man. That’s the name that Hasselberg mentioned when talking about the process working well for the player and the team. The Stars staff has done a great job the last couple years building a very strong list of players and based on some of the talent on the ice this weekend they are already reaping the benefits of that work.

The ice has now been removed from the Civic Center. But the work doesn’t end for the Stars staff. Hasselberg said he still has lotsĀ  of recruiting work to do this summer. He also said he’s looking forward to spending time with his family.

So all in all a lot of fun at the rink this weekend. The Midget AAA Stars have spring camp at the Don Ross center this weekend and then that’s it for hockey until the fall.