North Stars kick off breakfast

A big thanks to everyone who helped put on the breakfast this morning at the Civic Center. The food was delicious and it was a nice sized crowd out to enjoy it.

The kick off breakfast is a chance to meet this year’s team. It was great to see Josh Betinol back and in town. With Betinol and McColgan back in town the North Stars have a very good and very deep lineup. They are carrying a few extra guys as they start the season due to a couple of nagging injuries and because the guys have played well enough and worked hard enough that they don’t deserve to be cut. This year’s team is big, fast and there is a crazy amount of depth. It shaping up to be an exciting season. The guys have a lot of confidence in how good they can be but they also know that there is a lot of work left to be done. I spoke with Coach Hasselberg and he said the same. They feel they have a chance to be very good but it’s early on and they are going to take it day by day, put in the work and continue to get better.

The North Stars unveiled their 40th season logo which will be worn on their hockey pants during games and will be available for purchase on T-shirts in the Stars merchandise booth. The logo was designed by Cody Rice who won a season ticket and a jersey for his efforts.

BUdBHVGCcAI4TEX.jpg large

So all in all a great morning at the Civic Center. And now the excitement really begins to build. The Stars season opens Friday night in Kindersley. I will have a season preview ready to go tomorrow.

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