Game #24 – North Stars host Kindersley Klippers – Civic Center


North Stars Record: 8-13-0-2

Last game recap – The North Stars lost in a shootout 3-2 in Humboldt. Jake McMillen and Ryne Keller scored the Stars goals. It was a good point on the road against a good team. But after playing as well as they did in the second and third periods the North Stars might have been a little disappointed to have not won the game.


  • 0-4: So far this season the North Stars are winless against the Kindersley Klippers. The Klippers are currently 10 points ahead of the North Stars in the standings with 8 of that 10 point gap coming from head to head games. The Guy’s Furniture Rivalry Cup is on the line tonight. The North Stars need to win the remaining 4 games against the Klippers to prevent the trophy from heading to Kindersley.
  • 2 in a row: The Stars have won 2 in a row at the Civic Center. The have at least a point in 5 of their last 7 games. This is a team that has turned it’s season around and is starting to dig their way out of the hole their early struggles put them in. The North Stars will be looking to show the Klippers what they are really made of in tonight’s contest.
  • Overtime: The North Stars play a lot of close games. A lot. And recently those close games have been going to OT and usually to a shootout as well. 5 of the Stars last 7 games have gone to extra time. That’s almost a half a game when you add it all up. Talk about making a team battle hardened and battle tested. It would be nice to see the Stars win some games going away but for the time I wouldn’t make any plans for right after regulation.
  • New Look: These two teams haven’t met since October 19th. So exactly a month ago. That means the last time these two teams met the North Stars didn’t have the Yew twins.
  • Shots: The North Stars have outshot the Klippers in 3 of the 4 games this season. Yet they are 0-4. The North Stars struggles to score this season have been highlighted against the Klippers. 4 goals in 4 games for the Stars against Kindersley is obviously not good enough. The Klippers get good goaltending so the Stars will have to find a way to finish their chances like they did in the third period on Friday against Melfort back on Friday.
  • Kramer Division: All 4 teams in the Kramer Division are on the ice tonight. The Humboldt Broncos and Notre Dame Hounds both have home games. I’ll be keeping my eye on the out of town scoreboard tonight to see how the other Kramer teams are doing.
  • Theil-less: Cody Theil is out of the Klippers lineup with a broken jaw. I thought he was their MVP in the early going providing the Klippers with offense and some backbone. Other guys will have to step up for Kindersley in his absence and it will be interesting to see who does step up and how the Klippers get along without Theil.

Keys to the Game?

1) Be Yourself – That old advice your mom used to give you holds true for the North Stars. They need to just play the way they’ve been playing for the last couple weeks. That’s the North Stars team that can be one of the best in the league. So the Stars can head out on home ice tonight knowing that they can be themselves and they will be successful.

2) Manage – The North Stars need to manage the puck to be successful. It’s something they’ve done very well of late. The Klippers can hurt you on the counterattack with speed and skill. To prevent them from doing that the Stars need to control where they put the puck. They also need to manage their emotions. Play with edge but don’t get too wound up. 

3) Power – The North Stars have a big physical team that should be able to overpower teams at times Especially on home ice with the crowd behind them. The Stars need to bring that power game to the rink tonight.

Stars Lineup:


Forbes – Fransoo
Lacoursiere – Erickson
Charleson – Yew*

Quinn – Keller – Greenaway
Heinrich – Petrino – Fountain
Reich – McColgan – Evans*
Young – Delainey – Leonenko

Scratches: Schmidt, Regan Yew, McMillen

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