North Stars preseason schedule

Today the Battlefords North Stars confirmed their pre-season schedule. They open camp on August 30th and play their first preseason game on September 1st. That game is in Kindersley at 2pm.

The Stars then play a home and home with Kindersley on the 5th and 6th. Friday night in Kindersley and the next night at the Civic Center. Both games are at 7:30pm.

The Stars wrap up with a home and home against Humboldt. September 9th at the Civic Center at 7:30. The 10th at the EPA in Humboldt at 7.

Want to know what I love about this schedule? Short bus trips/car rides to watch the away games. Obviously. And even better divisional rivals! The Stars, Klippers and Broncos are going to get tired of facing each other all season long. May as well build up the rivalry and the dislike in the preseason as well. Plus divisional rivals ensure preseason games that will be as competitive and hard fought as possible. Great preparation for the Kramer Division teams leading into the regular season.

For more on the schedule check out

And go buy your season tickets already. It’s less than a month until hockey season.

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