Rookie Camp set to begin

North Stars rookie camp begins tomorrow and runs through to Monday afternoon’s game in Kindersley. Then on Tuesday the vets get involved in the action. It’s going to be an exciting long weekend to be around the Civic Center.

Yesterday I had a chance to chat with both coach Hasselberg and coach White and you could tell right away that they were fired up and ready to go. Coach Hasselberg said that this year there are a lot of good young players coming to camp and they have a very open mind in regards to the rookies. Just about any of these young players could make the North Stars if they are ready to play at this level. A couple years ago it was Jake McMillen. Last year? Reed Delainey. There have been others as well. This rookie camp can be the launching pad for young players to make a real impact. It’s also a great chance for the Stars to seel their organization to good young hockey talent.

With the Stars having a new look staff it will be interesting to see how the new dynamic works. Kevin was clearly excited about the addition of Taurean as well as trainer Sean Marcellus. With coach Atcheynum and goalie coach Travis Harrington both still involved the Stars have a lot of great coaches to work with these players.

As for coach White, he said he has settled into the Battlefords nicely and is already impressed with the support the North Stars get from their fans. White has experience with his howe town Nepean Raiders and the Brockville Braves. Last year he was the head coach in Brockville. So this is a relatively young guy with a lot of good experience as a player and a coach. Kevin also talked about his, as well as Sean’s, passion for the game.

Maybe that’s the theme of this year’s team developing already? Passion. Something North Stars teams almost always have in spades.

Coach White is a hard worker and I know he will fit right in as he mentioned to me about how hard Kevin works as well. Together they should make a great tandem.

If you want to head down to see the new additions to the coaching staff as well as the young players who make up the North Stars future the camp schedule is posted here:

5:00pm is when I will be headed down to watch some scrimmages. I hope to see plenty of Stars fans eager to get their first look at some of this year’s team. A team that will be looking to repeat as Kramer Division champions. It’s going to be fun and it starts tomorrow morning!

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