Team White wins 3-1

Team White took a 3-1 victory over Team Black last night at the Civic Center. The North Stars intersquad game gave fans a chance to get a look at some of the prospects and recruits that are hoping to make this team.


Local product Quinton Cubbon scored for team White as did Igor Leonenko, who has looked pretty good so far in camp, and talented American Jackson Bond. Bond has great hands. Matthew Saharchuk will become a fan favourite. He scored for team Black.

The game had a great pace, especially early, and was highlighted by great performances in goal. Spencer Tremblay was unbeaten in net for Team White and had to stand on his head early as Team Black was dominating.

Taryn Kotchorek, Michael Cullen and Ryan Rewerts were all good as well. The North Stars will have tough decisions to make in net.

On D it’s pretty close to a set group with just 8 D-men remaining. I thought Michael Statchuk looked like you would expect a 20 year old to look. Very good. Overall the D looks like it can be a very active, mobile group that will allow the North Stars to play a very uptempo, pressuring, smothering style. That should excite fans. Both Connor Vermeulen and Brock Weston looked sharp. The returning guys (Robin Yew, Kendall Fransoo, and Jake Erickson) are well known to fans.


Up front there North Stars have a lot of guys who can play. Speed, skill, size the North Stars have it all. The tough thing will be figuring out the right mix. That’s what the coaching staff gets paid for though and they are very good at what they do. Trimming down the roster won’t be easy but with 4 preseason games left the Stars have time to sort through several tough decisions.

The Stars are in Kindersley tomorrow night.

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