Stars versus Klippers at Civic Center

For the second straight night the Stars and Klippers will go head to head. This time at the Civic Center.

Here are the lineups:


Last night the Klippers scored 4 straight late in the third to pull away and win 7-3. The Stars had a relatively young lineup dressed and it got longer when Igor Leonenko left the game with an injury late in the first period. Kendall Fransoo fought early in the second and the Stars lost a couple more veterans players.

After jumping out to a 2-0 lead after the first thanks to strong play from Jackson Bond, Matthew Havens and Leonenko as well as Spencer Tremblay in net the Stars looked good heading to the second. That period was a tough one though. The Stars were guilty of a few bad penalties as well as some bad pinches by a defence that looked a little to eager to get involved at times.


The Klippers scored 3 straight in the second and had a 3-2 lead going to the third. Regan Yew tied the game early in the final frame before Kindersley pulled away to wrap up what turned out to look like a lopsided victory.

Like any pre-season game there were positives and negatives. And the result isn’t what matters. You would obviously like to win every game you play but these games are about evaluating players and getting guys ready to go when the regular season starts.

The Stars will look to rebound tonight with a stronger performance at home. And they have a more veteran looking lineup tonight. Keep an eye on this post as I will update it tonight as the game goes along.


Less than a minute in and it’s 1-0 Stars. Kurtis Redding recovers his own dump and works it out front. Matthew Havens finishes it off. Stars trapped in their own zone to start the shift. Worked it to neutral ice and then Redding’s speed paid dividends. Worked hard to get in deep. Shoved his man off the puck and spun to fire the puck out front. Havens found the loose puck and had lots of net to hit.


16:55 left in first. Good shift from Keller, Heinrich and Saharchuk. The newest Star doing good work down low leads to a couple half chances. Moments later Jake Erickson with a good rush and a quick release almost catches Tyler Lesschaeve out but he got down quickly to cover up.

13:48 left shots are 3-2 Stars. Tremblay not really tested so far.


12:03 – Chance off the rush for Townsend set up nicely through the neutral zone. Sars buzzing again. Havens almost jammed it home. Good work by Lesschaeve in net for Kindersley to track the puck.

10:19 left – Tremblay with his best save so far. Down low to stop a deflection. Good pace here midway through the period. End to end action. Both teams skating well.

8:12 left – Nachtegaele with a nice hard hit in his own zone. Then a shot block from Sych. Klippers with lots of pressure. Couple saves for Tremblay before Stars ice the puck. Redding wins the ensuing draw and the Stars eventually clear.




3:40 left in first – Stars with an icing call. Shots are 12-6 Stars. They’ve been on top for the most part.

3:00 left – North Stars rush. Saharchuk a hard shot off the wing. Keller almost found the rebound.

1:00 remaining – Nick Fountain almost found some room on a wrap around. Good shift from Bond, Fountain and Mitchell.


End of first. Stars up 1-0. Shots were 15-6 Stars. Good solid first from the home team. Played a very nice opening period. Defence was solid and effective. Statchuk looks right at home as a 20 year old in North Stars colours. Tremblay against looking good.


Quick start to the second. 17:00 left still 1-0 North Stars. Tremblay battled through a crowd to make a nice save. Off the face off the Stars go the other way. Good speed from Saharchuk but his back hand shot from a sharp angle off the rush just misses. Heinrich then finds a shot that’s stopped and Saharchuk can’t find the puck in front. Close call.

15:23 left in 2nd – Stars dominating. Delainey sets up Havens. Stopped. O’Sullivan finds Weston in the slot sneaking in. His shot stopped. Havens parked in front just missed deflection.

14:20 remaining – Chance for Riley Cardinal but great stick from Connor Vermeulen deflects puck out of play into the netting behind Tremblay. Shots now 19-7 North Stars

13:44 left in 2nd. 2-0 North Stars. Active stick from Townsend. Steals in the Klipper zone in alone. Back hand.

12:55 left – Seel with a step. Stopped in close by Tremblay.


11:54 – Great speed and persistence from Havens eventually sets up O’Sullivan on a partial 2 on 1. Good save from Kindersley goalie.

Stars D have all been quietly very effective so far. Erickson and Statchuk especially.

10:29 left – Tremblay is done. Rewerts in for the Stars. Tremblay stopped all 8 shots he faced. May have sen slightly more rubber than that. Looked calm and composed in net. So far this pre-season he’s looked excellent.

8:42 remaining in 2nd. – Saharchuk dangles and almost finds Keller in slot. Saharchuk has shown size, speed and hands so far. Moments later speed from Nachtegaele off the rush. Shots stopped. Delainey steers rebound just wide.

7:00 left in 2nd. Stars still up 2-0. Just realized we haven’t seen a power play in this game yet.


5:26 left – First rough stuff of the game. Heinrich didn’t like something after a hit on Keller. Scrum at center ice. Double minor against the Stars forward. Klippers to the power play.

Power play moving puck around. Saharchuk with a good clear and shot block. Keller directing traffic. Statchuk and Weston controlling down low. Weston blocks and clears. 2:30 left in Heinrich penalties.

1:20 left in second. Stars PK working hard. Rewerts in net with a few stops. Heinrich out of the box.

Stars with a couple flurries late but can’t find the back of the net. 2-0 home team heading to the third period.


Early third Stars draw a power play. Weston was tripped. Couple shots. O’Sullivan with the best chance but no goals.

13:29 left shots are now 31-14 North Stars.

13:18 left – Scrum around Rewerts after the whistle. Redding and Kindersley’s Derrick Morrell off for roughing. 4 on 4.


11:15 left in 3rd – Heinrich works out of the corner nicely. Back hand attempt stopped. 4 on 4 over and back to full strength.

9:32 left – Rush for Saharchuk, Bond and Statchuk couldn’t find the net. Next shift Delainey battles down low and almost sets up O’Sullivan. Pass just missed.

8:03 left – Townsend stopped on quick wrap around attempt. Been focusing on the Stars, since this is a Stars blog, but the Klippers will have to be happy with the play of Tyler Lesschaeve in net. He’s gone the distance.


Klippers goal: 2-1 with 7:10 left in third. Seel pops one home. Going to be a fun finish.

4:48 left – Nachtegaeke and Keller stopped. Townsend fires over the net. Still 2-1.

3:46 left – Sticks up between McKinlay and Ryley Bosman. McKinlay threw a few before losing balance. Don’t think Bosman actually got a punch off. Not much of a scrap. Both get 4 for roughing. So maybe it wasn’t even a fight!


1:30 left – Klippers still down 1 and they pull the goalie. Huge shot block by Logan Nachtegaele. Puck ricochets all the way down the ice.

29.6 seconds left and Keller looks to have iced the game into the empty net. Stars goal. 3-1. Assist to Heinrich.

Final Score: North Stars 3 – Kindersley Klippers 1

Lots of positives from that game for both teams. Stars improve to 1-1 so far in pre-season. Solid play in their own end and both goalies sharp. I am sure they will have plenty to work on as well.

Next game for the Stars is Tuesday when they host Humboldt at the Civic Center.

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