The North Stars and the SJHL released some info about the upcoming season following last weekend’s AGM.

In terms of the schedule, the Stars will once again face Kindersley 8 times, Notre Dame and Humboldt 6 times. Unfortunately it appears that the Stars also have to face Flin Flon and Weyburn 6 times each. Neither of those teams is an ideal match in terms of travel. Although for Flin Flon there aren’t many options in that regard. I know the Bombers also like to play in the Battlefords right before Christmas so that they can then drop their players off at the airport so the ones that need to travel by air can return home for Christmas holidays.

But if the SJHL is smart and has the North Stars face Weyburn and Flin Flon at the SJHL showcase in Warman that will eliminate some of the extra travel for the teams. It is cool that the Stars announced 3 neutral site games. Perhaps that means that the Stars and Notre Dame will continue their tradition of taking the SJHL to new parts of the province? Two seasons ago it was Edam and this past season Carnduff as the two teams played on Hockey Day in Saskatchewan.

Getting so many Friday and Saturday night home games can only be a positive development for the North Stars. Presumably, the more weekend home games they have the more people will come to see the team play. And an already very stable franchise will continue to remain viable in this market.

As for the showcase I mentioned, I couldn’t be more pleased that the SJHL has gone back to a more traditional format. Each team will now play 2 actual games at the showcase event which means, provided they are healthy and in the lineup, just about every player in the league should be seen by the scouts. That’s just so much better than having to pick a few players from each team to send to the event. From a broadcasting perspective there will have to be some work done to get things in Warman ready and set up but that’s a minor issue that shouldn’t be too hard to solve. All in all this move for the SJHL, the showcase, the scouts and most importantly the players is a positive one.

For more on the upcoming season check out and be sure to purchase your season tickets for 2015/16!!!

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