Moving On

Some of you may have noticed that the job that I currently do here at the Radio Station was posted to an online job board yesterday. And it is true, I am moving on.

I will still be around for the coming winter, working here at the radio station and at the rink as often as possible. But I will no longer be the voice of the North Stars. This is not a decision I took lightly as being at the rink, with the headset on and calling a hockey game for the wonderful fans here in the Battlefords has been the highlight of my time here. In my 4 years, and 4 seasons, in this capacity nothing has brought me more joy than those 3 hours I was on the air live from rinks around Saskatchewan. But as I said, I feel it is time to move on.

That means someone new will get the chance to experience being the voice of this team in this market. It’s a unique experience and one that every broadcaster should get to enjoy at least once. Anyone who comes here to do this job will leave a better person and broadcaster.

I know this because I am a better person. I have learned from the great coaches of the North Stars and especially Kevin Hasselberg and Blair Atcheynum with whom I spent a lot of time at the rink, on the buses and away from the rink at times as well. If you want to learn about passion, dedication, hard work and integrity there aren’t many people better to observe and learn from. The players and their hard work, attitudes to the game and the excitement they brought on the ice enriched me as well. And I literally can’t put into words how much I loved meeting and engaging with fans, parents, billets, other team’s coaches and broadcasters, volunteers, officials and the wonderful bus drivers who keep us all safe on the road. Jill, Trent, Dale, Michelle, Sean, Cheri, Tyler, Larry and Jordan especially. Hopefully you know how much I enjoyed working alongside and getting to know you all. You’ve all contributed to my life in positive ways. Thank you very much.

The families of the players do merit special mention. You made me feel so special all these years. Like I was the best broadcaster in the world and like I was part of your family. Thank you.

And last but definitely not least, to the Dekker family, Rawlco Radio and the Jim Pattison Broadcast group. To David Dekker, Geoff Smith and Karl Johnston thank you so very much for this opportunity and for supporting me all these years. And to allow me to continue on at the station as well. What a gift you have given me and one that I cannot ever hope to repay. All of my co-workers from the great Doug Harrison to the hilarious Colin Stockwell and my good friend Kelly Bitner, all the sales staff over the years, and everyone who makes this station the best place to work that I can imagine, thank you so much.

There are more people obviously but I don’t want to spend all day making sure I remember everyone and then still forgetting someone and feeling bad. From fans, to players and their families, to volunteers, to co-workers I think you know who you are and I want you to know how much I appreciated everything.

A final word on Matty Ryan. As much a part of the broadcast over the last 4 years as me. The best opp, colour guy, North Stars fan, and friend for which I could have hoped.

The memories, good and bad, are numerous and unforgettable. I’m truly blessed to have had this experience in my life.

I’m not sure yet exactly what my new role will be with the radio station but as I said I will still be around the rink this winter. Which means I will get to hang out with the fans and parents and vent my frustration with the refs and just in general be a fan of this team. I always was a fan. Now I get to express it more explicitly.

This blog isn’t going anywhere for now but I don’t know how often it will be updated.

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  1. DF

     /  August 4, 2015

    wIll miss hearing you call Stars games been more fun than the Canucks


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